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Our Goal

We are a new site starting out, but with a clear goal, to be the main resource for information about tennis camps, tennis academies, tennis clubs, tennis resorts etc. Basically anybody looking for a place to play tennis, learn tennis, improve their tennis whether young or old, in their own area or while travelling, we want to be the place where they can find this information.

We Need Help

But we need help. If you have run/own a club, academy, camp, resort or any other place where you have tennis camps or tennis schools, we would love your help. We will post your information on our website. It does not cost you anything. All you need to do is send us some details about what you provide. We would need details about dates, schedule, price, what level of tennis it is directed at (if more than one level we will put it all in the post), what age group, address, contact information, maybe a little bit about coaches, a good photo of the courts, facilities or surrounding areas and any other information you would like us to post.


Send the information to us at: we will go through it, if anything is missing or we have questions we will contact you. Otherwise we will post it and you will be able to see it on our site.






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