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Catalunya Tennis Resort

Located about an hour’s drive east of Barcelona, the Catalunya Tennis Club perches on a knoll overlooking its 12 hard and red-clay courts. Felix Riba Jr. and his father built the club, taking advantage of it location adjacent to a hotel and highly regarded restaurant. In summer, it hosts week-long Sunday-Sunday junior camps, attracting 40 to 50 kids each week. They typically spend more than five hours a day on court, divided between mornings and late afternoons, with swimming, other recreation, and optional language lessons in between.

Felix Riba Sr. has 40 years of coaching and playing experience, including participation on the Spanish National Team and coaching assignments with the Spanish Tennis Federation. Felix Riba Jr., who directs the summer camp, played for Concord University in the U.S., where he majored in sports management.




The CTR Catalunya Tennis Resort is the only resort in Spain that specializes in tennis. The resort is located in Girona – Barcelona, Spain.

It is 80,000m2 and it has 14 tennis courts, 4 padel courts, one football field, a big garden area with 3 outdoor swimming pools, and one of the best restaurants in the area.

These are the different activities you can do at the CTR Catalunya Tennis Resort:

  • – Play tennis
  • – Private tennis lessons
  • – Group tennis lessons
  • – Tennis tournaments
  • – Play padel
  • – Padel lessons
  • – Play football
  • – Enjoy the swimming pool and surroundings
  • – Relax at the spa
  • – Eat at a very good local restaurant


We have several accommodation options that you can choose from. With all of the following options you will receive a discount if you book it through CTR.

Junior Summer Camps: 

The CTR summer tennis camp (Barcelona, Spain) is designed for junior tennis players (8 to 18 years old) who want to enjoy tennis and play at a high intensity level.


The camp starts on June 5th, 2017 until September 8th. You have the option of coming for one week or multiple weeks. If you are interested in coming before or after these dates, you can join the Competition Academy U18, the Easter Tennis Camp, and the Winter Tennis Camp.


  • 8:00: Wake up and eat breakfast
  • 9:00: Head to the courts
  • 9:30: Technical/tactical tennis & physical education
  • 11:00: Rest + snack
  • 11:20: Technical/tactical tennis & PE + points/games
  • 12:30: Recreational use of the swimming pool
  • 13:00: Lunch
  • 14:00: Free time
  • 15:00: Language lesson (English or Spanish) – optional
  • 16:00: Matchplay + personalized training
  • 18:00: Shower
  • 18:30: Head back to the house
  • 18:45: Free time/swimming pool
  • 20:00: Dinner
  • 20:30: recreational activities
  • 23:00: sleep time


For the players that are staying with the group: The players will stay in a big bungalow style house located 7,4km away from the CTR. The house has a big garden, with a swimming pool, a football field, and a volleyball court all of which is fenced in. There is also a dinning area where the players will have breakfast and dinner (lunch will be at the CTR). A shuttle will take the players to the CTR every morning at 9am and bring them back every evening at 7pm. The players will never be unattended.


Non Boarding: from 475 euro/week (9.30-18h, mon-fri)

Boarding: from 750 euro/week

The Boarding price includes: 

– Daily tennis training
– Accommodation
– Meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
– Use of all of the facilities at the CTR
– Weekend recreational activity (for players staying 2 weeks or more)
This price does not include:– Sports material
– Laundry (10€/5L bag)
– Language lessons (50€/week)
– Racket stringing
– Transportation to/from airport, train station (160€/trip to Barcelona, 40€/trip to Girona)
– Players expenses/pocket money (for snacks, drinks, …)

Adult Program

Tennis Holidays at the CTR (Spain) are for families, groups (friends, students, coworkers), schools, couples and singles. All players will have the option of playing tennis everyday (with or without coaching). There will also be the oportunity to do recreational activities and go to touristic places such as Barcelona, Girona, and the beach (Costa Brava). Accomodation can be booked through CTR at a discounted price.

For more information please click here

Catalunya Tennis Resort
17430 Santa Coloma de Farners
Girona (Barcelona), Spain

Phone: +34 972 102 283
Phone (call or whatsapp): +34 647 735 280   +34 610 224 450

Catalunya Tennis Resort, Barcelona, Spain
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